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Website origin.

How did this website start?

We have been supplying cosmetic peel for the removal of benign skin condition for aesthetic purposes for long years. We have had a number of people with syringoma ordering our specialized cosmetic peels to remove their syringoma in 2015. We had done our research and we had seen that there was a relative demand for an effective home removal solution. This is how this website was started.

We have made the primary mission of this website to equip anyone who has syringoma and speaks English with all the right tool to understand how syringoma can be removed and also find all the information they need and want about syringoma.

The need for a syringoma home removal solution.

This is a need which is merely dictated by two factors.

  1. The primary factor is that  syringoma removal procedures are generally not cheap in most cosmetic clinics around the world and syringoma are expen
  2. Secondly but most importantly, after their successful removal treatment (even in cosmetic clinics) very often the syringoma tend to recur again and again. Sometimes the syringoma regrow immediately after the area has healed from the syringoma removal procedure.

So we made this website to try and answer all the questions who people with syringoma have in order to provide them with all the possible solutions available to them.  Also we made a Specialised peeling gel Called SyrinRemover. This prduct has been named this way after the worldwide success of our XanthRemover, the specialised cosmetic peel aimed at removing Xanthelasma.