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Terms and Conditions


Be aware that before proceeding to remove your Syringoma with cosmetic peel formulations, we strongly recommend that you should check with a local specialist to ensure that the lesion is indeed benign and Syringoma. We are unable to make any diagnosis. It is assumed that you already consulted a specialist and you had been diagnosed with Syringoma. The product is intended to be used only to remove Syngoma and certain other types of benign skin lesions and it must NOT be used for any other purpose. Additionally, you must perform patch tests as per our instructions below, to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the formulation. The cosmetic peel should only be used on your own Syringoma and not on other people.

Although the risks are very low for Syringoma cosmetic removal, any cosmetic peels could cause:

  • Potentially permanent loss of vision if in contact with the eyes. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to avoid contact of the product with the eyes as this has the potential for permanent loss of vision. This is unlikely with the use of cosmetic peels however it could only occur if the product becomes in contact with the eyes. This applies in general to any other cosmetic peels product on the market. In any case, it is the responsibility of the purchaser or end-user to avoid all contact of the product with the eyes. In the unlikely event of contact with the eyes rinse profusely with water and contact your nearest doctor. (No loss of vision has been reported to date.)
  • Topical use only. Avoid contact with mouth and nostrils. Do not Eat. Complications could arise if ingested and the product must be kept out of reach of children. The product is not poisonous however DO KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.
  • Protect from UV radiations by using total sunscreens or total sun protection whilst using the product.
  • This product is NOT intended for daily use and it should be used at the intervals suggested in the instructions.
  • Improper or excessive use of any strong cosmetic peels formulations could cause scarring, hypo-pigmentation, hyper-pigmentation, infections (during the peeling process), excessive swelling and/or blistering.
  • Scarring. The potential for scarring increase if the treated area becomes infected during the peeling process. Alternatively, it can also occur if the product is used at shorter intervals than suggested in the instructions or applied for too long. It has been demonstrated that if the product is used sensibly no scars should occur. However, it cannot be guaranteed scarring will not occur especially because the modality of use of the product is left to the customer.
  • Also some individuals are particularly prone to developing scars and therefore scarring could occur regardless after removal of the Syringoma, this is out of our control. Additionally, the risks of scarring is an accepted risk in the removal of Syyringoma, irrespective of the method to remove them. For these reasons you agree NOT to hold us liable for any possible scars which could result after the use of the cosmetic peel for Syringoma removal as the risk of abnormal scar formation, can be minimized but, can never be excluded completely.
  • Scabbing. Should any scab form do not remove them and leave them to peel off by themselves.
  • Hypo-pigmentation is not generally permanent as it is a normal reaction to skin regeneration. When the new skin grows the pigments will not have been produced yet. This occurs if Syringoma removal is achieved in one application only. As seen in the instructions Syringomas are suggested to be removed in multiple sessions. If the Syringomas are attenuated by using the product in multiple sessions hypopigmentation does not generally occur. In those cases where hypopigmentation occurs, hypopigmentation will fade over time.
  • Hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation (darker than usual parts of the skin) usually occurs if the area where cosmetic peels have been applied is exposed to direct or indirect sunlight without the use of sunscreen (total physical filter SPF50 +). Do not expose the treated skin to sunlight for at least two months after treatment. Avoid artificial tanning products and the use of UV tanning machines for at least three months after the last use of the product.
  • Infections. Infections are very rare and have not been reported to date. However, it is possible if the area treated is exposed to bacteria or dirt during the peeling process (or Syringoma scabbing process). In the very unlikely event of infection consult your doctor.
  • Excessive swelling This is a rare occurrence. This may happen in some circumstances: Allergic reactions to one of the ingredients in the peel or; hypersensitivity of the particular skin type to AHAs in general.
  • You have applied the product to the lesion for too long. Rare swelling occurrences are treated with antihistamines prescribed by your doctor (in case of allergic reactions). Both causes of swelling are not life-threatening nor dangerous to your skin. Generally, if swelling is untreated it normally disappears in 3 to 4 days. If it does not subside, consult your doctor.
  • Blistering. This is a very rare occurrence. It is a particularly rare type of reaction to AHAs in general at any concentration. In the unlikely event of blistering, this usually occurs within the first 5 to 10 minutes of the product application (during the patch test). The effects of blistering are not generally permanent and will usually disappear by themselves in 3 to 4 days after application. In the unlikely event that you experience blistering, stop using the product.
  • Do not use if you have active herpes, if you are pregnant or if you are breastfeeding
  • Do not use on wounds, damaged skin or irritated skin
  • In rare cases, the use of cosmetic peel products could cause temporary erythema, itching, irritation (due to external factors during the peeling process). In one of these unlikely cases stop using the product.

If you have placed an order with us and the above information is not very clear please do not hesitate to let us know and we will explain further. The above does not only apply to the SyrinRemover but also to any cosmetic products containing AHAs in general.

If you disagree with any of the above, do not purchase the product.

For the sake of clarity, the SyringRemover does not contain any medicine, it is NOT a medical device, it is not a healthcare product. It is merely a cosmetic peel with the only intended use of removing Syringoma and certain other skin benign lesions. Syringomas are benign growths that are not required to be removed for medical reasons. They are removed for cosmetic reasons only.

Key data about the product.

All ingredients are stated on the bottle and the formulation has been manufactured conforming to ISO 22716 in a European laboratory accredited for own and private label (DNV Business Assurance). The SyrinRemover is a Private Label Cosmetic Peel (COSMETIC PRODUCT) and neither medicines nor medications are contained in any of our formulations. All ingredients are listed in the European portal for cosmetics cosIng and allowed without restriction. These terms and conditions have been already submitted to the local trading standard officers for examination in 2014.


The SyrinRemover has become a standard product customized only to remove Syringoma and other benign skin lesions. There is no degree of customization to the individual. The product is intended only for the person who purchased, it is not to be used or passed onto third parties for use.

SyrinRemover with money-back guarantee terms and conditions of sale.

The effectiveness of our cosmetic peels is very high in reducing the appearance of Syringoma, however, in a small percentage of cases, it does not seem to be effective because it is reported that the Syringoma do not appear to be reducing in size after the scabbing (less than 1% of the cases). If you have purchased the SyrinRemover with money-back guarantee we will refund the payment if you were not satisfied with the results of the effects of the product. We will refund the full payment once we received the product back as long as this has been sent back and received within two months from the point of receipt of the product by the customer. This option also covers our on-line service for up to 2 months after the order has been received. Please note that in case we have dispatched the product and at the point, we have not received your pictures, refunds will not be accepted. In that case, the standard terms of the SyrinRemover without the money-back guarantee will apply instead.

Standard SyrinRemover terms and conditions of sale.

The cool-down period is one week after receipt of this email. The effectiveness of our cosmetic peels are very high in reducing the appearance of Syringoma, however, in a small percentage of cases, it does not seem to be effective because it is reported that the Syringoma do not appear to be reduced in size after the scabbing. If you have purchased the basic Syringoma you acknowledge that after the first 7 days cool-off period we cannot accept refunds or returns if the cosmetic treatment does not appear effective in your case. If you are in the UK you can return the item within 14 calendar days of receiving the product. Once we received the item with its seals and content we will refund your payment. This option also covers our on-line service for up to 2 months after the order has been received.

Product returns.

Any costs of product return must be borne by the customer (or importer if the purchaser is located outside the UK or supplied a delivery address outside the UK). In the case of warranties relating to the use of the product, they expire 3 months after delivery, therefore no returns are accepted 3 months after receipt of the product.

On-line Service.

We have extensive experience in removing Syringoma, however, NO advice given over the phone or via email should be interpreted as specialist or medical advice. We advise that if in doubt, you consult a local doctor or dermatologist. NO advice given over the phone or via email should be interpreted as a deviation from the instructions or substitute of the instructions.
None of the information contained on the website SyringomaRemoval.com (other than this webpage in particular) or others is a substitute for the instructions and any terms and conditions.

Your Pictures.

Unless you inform us otherwise it is assumed that you give us consent to publish your pictures on our website. You grant us full copyrights of the images you send us. However, we will not use your real name unless you give us permission. These pictures serve for our studies and marketing. Unless you tell us otherwise we will NOT use your real name on our website. Despite that, if at any point in time you would like your images to be removed from our website we will do it as soon as feasibly possible (unless the picture/s are an integral part of a video). If you do not wish your images to be published inform us within 7 days.

Non UK Residents.

For Non-UK residents, the product must be used only by a cosmetic/aesthetic specialist who will apply it for you, and give you the appropriate instructions based on their knowledge. If you purchase the product outside the UK, you (the legal importer) are purchasing the product as a generic professional peel and our sole responsibility lies on the supply of the product as stated on the label. Your local specialist will determine under his/her own sole responsibility the modality of use of the product. Our sole responsibility is to supply the product in line with the ingredients stated on the label. The instructions below are for reference only and should be ignored as the product, within your jurisdiction, maybe meant to be used under the supervision and direction of a local cosmetic specialist. The applicable laws and jurisdiction are exclusively the ones of England and Wales.

Your Testimonial.

Help us by sending us your pictures and your video testimonial and we will refund you in full!

Please send us at least three HIGH-RESOLUTION PICTURES of your eyes:

  • as you have just applied the SyringRemover while the SyrinRemover is still on your Syringoma, minimum of three pictures per eye
  • two days after the first application, a minimum of three pictures per eye
  • when you required further applications, a minimum of three pictures per eye during each application while the SyrinRemover is still on
  • minimum of three pictures per eye two days after any subsequent application until you are satisfied with the results

We would kindly ask you to enclose a description of your Syringoma removal story.

The above will entitle you to a 20% retrospective discount. Therefore we will refund 20% into your card.

In case you will also send us a video testimonial in conjunction with all the above we will issue a full refund!