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FAQ about the SyrinRemover

FAQ about the SyrinRemover

Can the area where scab form touch the water (eg when bathing or washing my face)? Should I just treat it as normal or I can only wash the areas around the scab?

If scabs form this is a normal part of the aesthetic treatment. All you have to do is making sure you do not cause or increase any chances of infections on to the treated area, especially while the scab is in the process of forming. You can wash the area normally with water and a non aggressive soap. Just make sure you keep the area clean and while you dry your face you use a very clean towel. You do not want to expose the area to unwanted dust or any particles which could increase chances of infection.

Remember to avoid the use of any make up or other creams during the scabbing process. Do not pick the scabs.

Does it always work?

Yes, it does always reduce the thickness of your Syringoma. So far nobody who used the SyrinRemover has opted for surgical excision or laser treatment. Please note that sometimes Syringomas can be very persistent and they regrow despite the method used to remove them, be it the SyrinRemover, lasers, cautery, etc.

How do I know you are genuine?

Very simple! We are Areton Ltd based in the UK. We have supplied several hundreds of specialized peels the world over for a while now with great results. We would not be able to be in business for long if our products were not effective and safe. We comply with all the strict cosmetic regulations in Europe to guarantee safety, quality and efficacy. Additionally, we are using Paypal! Paypal has strict rules and if a vendor wants to use Paypal it must comply with all its strict rules and WE DO of course!

Paypal is now one of the largest portals for on-line payments and it has a worldwide reach. NO Scam can occur through Paypal because as a multinational multimillion business, being affiliated with a fraudulent business would seriously damage its reputation.

You do not need to take our word for it! Conduct your own research about Paypal if you want and you will realize that any payment made through Paypal is very secure and Paypal makes sure that every promise made will be kept!

And rest assured that we do keep our promises! After all, you can always contact us before you order and ask all the questions you might have.

How does it work?

The SyrinRemover is not a miracle cure, it just works! But how does it work? The SyrinRemover works by peeling the Syringomas from the top. In other words, the SyrinRemover “destroys” the Syringoma by peeling, it does NOT cure your Syringomas.

As you apply the SyrinRemover on your Syringoma you may feel a slight burning sensation. This is normal. This burning sensation will only last 5 minutes.

Two days after the application, scabs may form and they may fall off by themselves. At that point, the thickness of your Syringoma should have decreased visibly. Repeat the application at the intervals suggested in the instructions and after a few sessions, you will get rid of your Syringoma completely. So you will able to notice the improvement almost immediately. Some clients require multiple and other fewer treatments depending on the thickness of their Syringoma.

One advantage of using the SyrinRemover is that you can decide when you are satisfied with the results. If you think that you still want to keep removing a tiny Syringoma residue you can still do so, you are in control of your treatment and you can continue until complete removal.

How is the SyrinRemover applied?

The SyrinRemover is applied using a small make-up brush or cotton ear-bud directly on the Syringoma, Alternatively you can use your fingertips. Avoid directly to contact with the eyes.

It is always advisable to have someone else to apply the SyrinRemover for you. Notwithstanding the safety of using the SyrinRemover, we ALWAYS advise our customers to be over cautious and apply as little SyrinRemover as possible the first time it is used. After all, this will allow you to get used to the way the SyrinRemover works. It is also recommended to avoid applying the SyrinRemover onto the healthy skin. The SyrinRemover should only be applied to the Syringoma. In case the SyrinRemover is accidentally applied onto the normal skin, just wipe it off (this will stop the peeling effects).

Since the SyrinRemover is developed for home use there is no need to rush the cosmetic treatment, because the SyrinRemover can be applied as many times needed until you are satisfied with the results.

During the cosmetic treatment with the SyrinRemover, it is strongly recommended to avoid sun exposure. If sun exposure cannot be avoided due to work commitments when outside, walk in the shade and wear vary dark sunglasses. No other creams should be applied to the area around the eyes throughout the duration of the treatment. Once you are satisfied with the results and the treatment is stopped, then make-up can be worn two weeks after the last SyrinRemover application. Also for the period of two to three months after the Syringoma removal treatment, total sunscreen must be applied to the area around the eyes before going in the sun. We advise our customers not to sunbathe for a minimum period of three months after the last use of the SyrinRemover.

Additionally throughout the treatment with the SyrinRemover strictly no makeup should be worn. Although very unlikely, wearing makeup could cause unnecessary complications that can be easily avoided. Also avoiding wearing make-up speeds up the natural skin recovery process. Makeup can be regularly worn two weeks after the last treatment.

On Average two applications are enough to achieve complete removal. However, since you have a lot of SyrinRemover with you, you can repeat the treatment. After all, we supply 30ml with your order which will last you for a whole year. If you are not sure you can always ask us. We are here to help you.

How long does it take for the scabs to fall off?

In case of laser treatment or cauterisation, it usually takes in the region of one week for the scabs to fall off. When using certain types of TCA it may take in the region of one to two weeks for the scabs to fall off. The length of the scabbing process will depend on the formulation used and the percentage of the peel you have used, how you used the product (ie if you used a neutralizer etc)

If you are using the SyrinRemover the scabbing effect usually lasts in the region of one week. The length of the scabbing process will depend on the length of the application. The longer you keep the SyrinRemover on, the more effective the product will be and the longer the scabbing process will last.

How many times should I apply the SyrinRemover to remove my Syringoma?

On average it takes in the region of 3 sessions before the Syringoma are gone. In the case of particularly thick Syringoma, it can take more sessions but usually, 3 sessions are more than enough to achieve satisfactory results. Therefore you have to be a little patient and repeat the treatment until you are happy with the results. On the other hand, you have a lot of SyrinRemover with you because we usually send you a lot more SyrinRemover than you need, just to make sure you will be completely satisfied with the results. Please note that some syringoma can recur and they tend to grow back very quickly (despite the method used to remove them, including laser and electrofulguration or electrodesiccation) Also you might want to use the SyrinRemover to manage the recurring Syringoma.

How much product does a jar of SyrinRemover contain? How many Syringomas will I be able to remove with the product? Does that mean that my problem of recurrence is sorted once and for all?

The SyrinRemover contains 30ml of product. With this amount of product you can remove all the syringoma you have and more. Most other similar products only contain 0.5ml or even 0.05ml. The difference in quantity is 600 times the quantity provided by other products on the market. With the 30ml of product, you will be able to remove almost as many syringomas as you want. Normally our customers are left with an almost full jar of SyrinRemover once they are finished removing their Syringomas.

Said that this does not mean that the problem of recurrence is sorted once and for all because syringomas can reoccur despite your best efforts. However, if they come back before the SyrinRemover left has expired you can reapply the product and remove them again.

How often should I use the SyrinRemover?

The SyrinRemover should be used at a minimum of 3 weeks interval between application. Even in those cases when some of our customers have used the SyrinRemover at shorter intervals, this has not caused any problem but it is always better to be over-cautious and wait three weeks and email us your photos again and ask for our advice before reapplying the SyrinRemover. We are here to help.

If the SyrinRemover is so effective why have I not found it on the NHS in the UK?

Syringoma removal are considered to be a cosmetic procedure and the NHS in the UK does not cover any cosmetic procedure. Once diagnosed the GP or dermatologist advises the patient to refer to a private cosmetic clinic if he/she wishes to have them removed.

So the NHS does not use the SyrinRemover nor any other treatment because syringoma removal is not a medical procedure. If you suspect you have syringoma, refer to your local GP for confirmation before attempting any treatment.

Is it necessary to use healing products during the scabbing process?

No, it is not necessary and it is not suggested either. This is because some of the products available may not be suitable for this application and the use of unsuitable products could lead to infections in some cases. The best practice is to keep the area clean and let the scabs develop and fall off by themselves.

Is the treatment approved in my country?

Please note that the SyrinRemover is not a healthcare product, not a medical device, nor medicine, it is a specialized cosmetic peel to remove Syringoma.

Please let us know if you are aware of any country where the use or sale of cosmetic peels is illegal. We use Glycolic, Mandelic Acid and not TCA. We do not add any medicines to our products. As far as we are aware no country has ever forbidden or restricted the use and the free sale of cosmetic peels, especially the ones we use in our formulations as they are deemed SAFE by the international scientific community.

The SyrinRemover is a custom made cosmetic peel highly specialized to treat Syringoms, therefore there is no restriction that we are currently aware of. Should you be aware of local legislation which forbids or restricts the use of AHA’s please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is the treatment with the SyrinRemover Painful?

No. You may feel a slight tingling sensation but this is about it. So you do not need to apply any numbing cream or product before applying the SyrinRemover.

What are the ingredients?

The SyrinRemover is a cosmetic peel with the intended use of removing your syringoma by exfoliation. Strictly No medicines are added to our formulations! So we do not cure your Syringoma we help you exfoliate them until you are satisfied with the results. Main ingredients of the SyrinRemover gel are Glycolic Acid and Vitamin A. We do not use any TCA.

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What can go wrong?

As long as the SyrinRemover is applied on the Syringomas only, at the right intervals there is little that can go wrong. So far all of our customers have been satisfied with the results of the cosmetic treatment. This is because the SyrinRemover is custom formulated to your Syringomas. By all means, the SyrinRemover must not be in contact with the eyes. This is one of the reasons for us to develop the SyrinRemover in a gel, to minimize drips formations.

The risks associated to the use of the SyrinRemover are very low and almost negligible. If you are not sure whether you could be over applying the SyrinRemover and you are a little concerned, just send us your pictures and we will advise you. Or if you are concerned about anything else, either call us or email us. It is OK to ask. If your Syringoma are almost gone and you have tiny residues, you can also email us your pictures and we will happily advise you before performing any subsequent application.

Some people have asked us “…why is the SyrinRemover more expensive than other peels I can buy on Amazon or eBay? They are cheap and your SyrinRemover is far more expensive!”

The SyrinRemover is formulated to remove your Syringoma. In this way, we are able to maximize the success rate. Therefore you can remove your Syringoma in complete safety. The other product available online have not been formulated to remove Syringoma. We are also here to help you throughout your treatment until your Syringoma are gone.

You can order peels online on eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping and many other sources. Their cost can start as low as 30 USD plus shipping, depending on where you are in the world.

But what concentrations are the best suited for you? Do you know what the best treatment is for your case?

At SyringomaRemoval.com we only specialize in treating Syringoma, therefore, we can easily assess the best treatment for your case by looking at your pictures. If you use the wrong peels or concentrations for your skin type you will put your skin at unnecessary risk.

What is the quality control of the suppliers on eBay Amazon and so forth? You hope is good but we have no control over other people’s quality control, after all, they are cheap so… who knows…. On the other hand, We know that OUR quality control is guaranteed to be premium!

What happens if the solution you purchased by yourself is too strong for your skin type or you purchase the wrong peel? You may already have the answer. We think you may be putting yourself under unnecessary risks to save a little money!

So do you really think that saving 150 to 200 USD is worth all these risks to your face, your skin, and your eyes?

At SyringomaRemoval.com we believe that a client is better off by paying a premium to have their Syringoma removed with a laser rather than incurring the risks of a DIY Syringoma treatment.

However if this is what you still intend to do to save a little money, we provide enough information on our website for you to buy the ingredients from other sources and treat your Syringoma yourself. However, we do not recommend it!

What is the Shelf Life?

The shelf life of the product is 12 months. The expiry date is displayed on the label on the SyrinRemover.

Where can I buy the SyrinRemover?

The SyrinRemover can only be purchased online exclusively from this website. We do not sell this product from any other channel or store. So if you are interested in buying the syrinremover simply do it now by Clicking Here.

Where Can you ship the SyrinRemover?

We can ship the SyrinRemover worldwide for the price we state on the website. Wherever you may be, as long as, there is a postal service available, you can receive your SyrinRemover at your doorstep. We use recorded delivery as a standard.

Who are your customers?

Due to our business model, we serve customers the world over. We shipped our products to Canada, UK, Australia, US, South Africa, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and most parts of Europe.

Our customers are usually those individuals who have had Syringoma for years and especially those who suffer from Syringoma recurrence after removal with Lasers. Most people with recurrence problems have come to us because they know well about the inconvenience, risks and costs of surgical excision every time the Syringoma reappear. The low cost of this product makes the SyrinRemover the best long term effective treatment to remove Syringoma.

Why is the SyrinRemover safe for home Syringoma removal?

Some people are worried that they could get the exfoliation of their Syringoma wrong if they use the SyrinRemover on their own.

We have taken all the worries away, by simply giving you the best formulation to suit your Syringoma. We will not use nor send you any medicines of course. The treatment is merely cosmetic. We have moved away from the use of TCA and we are now only supplying milder peels like Glycolic and Mandelic acids. These types of peels can be neutralized by using water as corroborated by scientific research. When we refer to neutralizing the gel, we essentially mean stopping its effects. This cannot be easily done by using TCA.

Additionally, once you place your order with us we make the commitment to help you throughout the treatment until you are happy with the results (If you select the Money back guarantee only, conditions apply). So you only need to make sure you apply the SyrinRemover as instructed and nothing else. We have already thought about the rest. We have given you the best formulation for your skin type and we will guide you through the process step by step through the clear instructions.

Our cosmetic formulations have been used by hundreds of people the world over!

Why should I choose SyringomaRemoval.com to remove my Syringoma?

We have developed this website to exclusively deal with Syringoma and nothing else. Clinics that use similar peels or other equipment are far more expensive.

Given that we are so specialized, removing Syringoma is second nature to us. Our specialized peels products have been very effective in improving and removing Syringoma.

Not only is the SyrinRemover one of the most effective way to remove your Syringoma but is also safe, fast and inexpensive.

The SyrinRemover formulation has been customized to remove Syringoma.

To date, nobody who used the SyrinRemover has been scarred by this cosmetic treatment and has been very satisfied. This is because we select the best possible peels type based on the Syringomas to be removed.

We are the only company offering a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.