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How to apply SryinRemover

It is applied using a small make-up brush or cotton ear-bud directly on the Syringomas, taking particular care not to have the SyrinRemover to avoid contact with the eyes.

There are 2 main ingredients one is  Glycolic acid  and the second one is Vitamin A.  Applied a blob on every Syringoma. It is important to apply a small blob and leave it on the syringomas for a period of time.

It is always advisable to have someone else to apply the SyrinRemover for you. Not with standing the safety of using the SyrinRemover, we always advise our customers to be over cautious and apply as little SyrinRemover as possible the first time it is used.

After all, this will allow you to get used
to the way the SyrinRemover works. It is also recommended to avoid applying the SyrinRemover onto the healthy skin. The SyrinRemover should only be applied to the Syringomas. In case the SyrinRemover is accidentally applied onto the normal skin, just wipe it off (this will stop the peeling effects).

Since the SyrinRemover is developed for home use there is no need to rush the cosmetic treatment, because the SyrinRemover can be applied as many times needed until you are satisfied with the results.

During the cosmetic treatment with the SyrinRemover, it is strongly recommended to avoid sun exposure. If sun exposure cannot be avoided due to work commitments when outside, walk in the shade and wear very dark sunglasses. No other creams should be applied to the area around the eyes throughout the duration of the treatment. Once you are satisfied with the results and the treatment is stopped, then make-up can be worn two weeks after the last SyrinRemover application. Also for the period of two to three months after the Syringoma removal treatment, total sunscreen must be applied to the area around the eyes before going in the sun. We advise our customers not to sunbathe for a minimum period of three months after the last use of the SyrinRemover.

Additionally throughout the treatment with the SyrinRemover strictly no makeup should be worn. Although very unlikely, wearing makeup could cause unnecessary complications that can be easily avoided. Also avoiding wearing make-up speeds up the natural skin recovery process. Makeup can be regularly worn two weeks after the last treatment. To learn more, visit us at rxcurefor.com.

On Average two applications are enough to achieve complete removal. However, since you have a lot of SyrinRemover with you, you can repeat the treatment. After all, we supply 30ml with your order which will last you for a whole year. If you are not sure you can always ask us. We are here to help you.

Our Recommendation

Depending on the Syringoma, type of formulation and skin type, we instruct the customer to keep the blob for a length of time varying from 30 minutes to complete absorption (1 hour).

The longer the gel is kept on the lesion the stronger the peeling effects. Please note that TCA solutions bought from other sources do require the use of Neutralizers after a certain length of time after the application

SyrinRemover is Complete Syringoma Solutions

IT IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO STAND UPRIGHT WHEN APPLYING THE BLOB. This is because gravity could have the blob to slip down to places where it should not go. Therefore, we recommend to lie down at all the time while you have your SyrinRemover blob on. In some cases, depending on where the Syringomas are located lying down may not be the best option.

Remember, as a general rule, that gravity has to point towards the Syringoma so that the blob will be naturally kept in place and not slip elsewhere.

We highly recommend having someone else to apply the SyrinRemover blob for you. If you have Syringoma on the upper eyelids, it is very important to KEEP YOUR EYES SHUT over the length of the entire application. This is because if you accidentally open your eyelids the blob could spread to other areas where it should not go.

Once again, it is important that you are not alone while you have the small blob on because the other person can supervise the cosmetic treatment and monitor whether the blob is still where it should be (on the Syringoma). The other person will, therefore, help you by monitoring the gel and keep a clean cotton cloth at hand and make sure the gel does not slip anywhere else.
In case of the gel escapes, the other person can wipe it off immediately. Also, given that most likely you need to keep your eyes shut during the peeling with the SyrinRemover, the other person can help you in case you need anything, like bringing you water or whatever else you need.

Moreover, the other person can reduce the length of the cosmetic peel period  and wipe the gel off, at the right time, as stated in the instructions.