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How many times should I apply the SyrinRemover to remove my Syringomas?

On average it takes in the region of 3 sessions before the Syringomas are gone. In the case of particularly thick Syringomas, it can take more sessions but usually, 3 sessions are more than enough to achieve satisfactory results. Therefore you have to be a little patient and repeat the treatment until you are happy with the results. On the other hand, you have a lot of SyrinRemover with you because we usually send you a lot more SyrinRemover than you need, just to make sure you will be completely satisfied with the results. Please note that some syringoma can recur and they tend to grow back very quickly (despite of the method used to remove them, including laser and electrofulguration or electrodesiccation) so you might want to use the SyrinRemover to manage the recurring Syringoma..

How long does it take for the scabs to fall off?

In case of laser treatment or cauterization, it usually takes in the region of one week for the scabs to fall off. When using certain types of TCA it may take in the region of one to two weeks for the scabs to fall off. The length of the scabbing process will depend on the formulation used and the percentage of the peel you have used, how you used the product (ie if you used a neutralizer etc)

If you are using the SyrinRemover the scabbing effect usually lasts in the region of one week. The length of the scabbing process will depend on the length of the application. The longer you keep the SyrinRemover for the more effective the product is and the longer the scabbing process will last for.

Is it necessary to use healing products during the scabbing process?

No it is not necessary and it is not suggested either. This is because some of the products available may not be suitable for this application and the use of unsuitable products could lead to infections in some cases, truyen sex moi xxxphim.org. The best practice is to keep the area clean and let the scabs develop and fall off by themselves.

With Our Syrin Remover, having the stigma of Syringoma plaques, need never be a worry again. With just one application, your Syringoma will be gone in a matter of days. Professional results from the Leading Syringoma professionals.