Will I be left with scars after being treated for Syringoma removal with surgical excision?

Scars formations are very much dependent on:

  • Type of equipment used
  • The level of precision of the equipment used
  • The ability of the user

Generally scars are likely after excision using a scalpel. Scars occur when wither the area treated have become infected or the dermis has been damaged during the excision. Manual excision, using a conventional surgical scalpel is the procedure most likely to cause scars. In the majority of cases treated with surgical/cosmetic Lasers, Hyfrecator or electrocautery units (used in fulguration mode) no scars are usually left after healing.

The few cases of scarring reported to date have been mainly due to:

  • Lasers misuse (which caused considerable damage to the dermis)
  • Subsequent infection of the part after excision. Therefore no make up must be used after any of these procedures to avoid unnecessary complications.