What can go wrong?

As long as the SyrinRemover is applied on the Syringomas only, at the right intervals there is little that can go wrong. So far all of our customers have been satisfied with the results of the cosmetic treatment. This is because the SyrinRemover is custom formulated to your Syringomas. By all means, the SyrinRemover must not be in contact with the eyes. This is one of the reasons for us to develop the SyrinRemover in a gel, to minimize drips formations.

The risks associated to the use of the SyrinRemover are very low and almost negligible. If you are not sure whether you could be over applying the SyrinRemover and you are a little concerned, just send us your pictures and we will advise you. Or if you are concerned about anything else, either call us or email us. It is OK to ask. If your Syringoma are almost gone and you have tiny residues, you can also email us your pictures and we will happily advise you before performing any subsequent application.

Some people have asked us “…why is the SyrinRemover more expensive than other peels I can buy on Amazon or eBay? They are cheap and your SyrinRemover is far more expensive!”

The SyrinRemover is formulated to remove your Syringoma. In this way, we are able to maximize the success rate. Therefore you can remove your Syringoma in complete safety. The other product available online have not been formulated to remove Syringoma. We are also here to help you throughout your treatment until your Syringoma are gone.

You can order peels online on eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping and many other sources. Their cost can start as low as 30 USD plus shipping, depending on where you are in the world.

But what concentrations are the best suited for you? Do you know what the best treatment is for your case?

At SyringomaRemoval.com we only specialize in treating Syringoma, therefore, we can easily assess the best treatment for your case by looking at your pictures. If you use the wrong peels or concentrations for your skin type you will put your skin at unnecessary risk.

What is the quality control of the suppliers on eBay Amazon and so forth? You hope is good but we have no control over other people’s quality control, after all, they are cheap so… who knows…. On the other hand, We know that OUR quality control is guaranteed to be premium!

What happens if the solution you purchased by yourself is too strong for your skin type or you purchase the wrong peel? You may already have the answer. We think you may be putting yourself under unnecessary risks to save a little money!

So do you really think that saving 150 to 200 USD is worth all these risks to your face, your skin, and your eyes?

At SyringomaRemoval.com we believe that a client is better off by paying a premium to have their Syringoma removed with a laser rather than incurring the risks of a DIY Syringoma treatment.

However if this is what you still intend to do to save a little money, we provide enough information on our website for you to buy the ingredients from other sources and treat your Syringoma yourself. However, we do not recommend it!