Is the treatment approved in my country?

Please note that the SyrinRemover is not a healthcare product, not a medical device, nor medicine, it is a specialized cosmetic peel to remove Syringoma.

Please let us know if you are aware of any country where the use or sale of cosmetic peels is illegal. We use Glycolic, Mandelic Acid and not TCA. We do not add any medicines to our products. As far as we are aware no country has ever forbidden or restricted the use and the free sale of cosmetic peels, especially the ones we use in our formulations as they are deemed SAFE by the international scientific community.

The SyrinRemover is a custom made cosmetic peel highly specialized to treat Syringoms, therefore there is no restriction that we are currently aware of. Should you be aware of local legislation which forbids or restricts the use of AHA’s please do not hesitate to contact us.