How much product does a jar of SyrinRemover contain? How many Syringomas will I be able to remove with the product? Does that mean that my problem of recurrence is sorted once and for all?

The SyrinRemover contains 30ml of product. With this amount of product you can remove all the syringoma you have and more. Most other similar products only contain 0.5ml or even 0.05ml. The difference in quantity is 600 times the quantity provided by other products on the market. With the 30ml of product, you will be able to remove almost as many syringomas as you want. Normally our customers are left with an almost full jar of SyrinRemover once they are finished removing their Syringomas.

Said that this does not mean that the problem of recurrence is sorted once and for all because syringomas can reoccur despite your best efforts. However, if they come back before the SyrinRemover left has expired you can reapply the product and remove them again.