How do I know you are genuine?

Very simple! We are Areton Ltd based in the UK. We have supplied several hundreds of specialized peels the world over for a while now with great results. We would not be able to be in business for long if our products were not effective and safe. We comply with all the strict cosmetic regulations in Europe to guarantee safety, quality and efficacy. Additionally, we are using Paypal! Paypal has strict rules and if a vendor wants to use Paypal it must comply with all its strict rules and WE DO of course!

Paypal is now one of the largest portals for on-line payments and it has a worldwide reach. NO Scam can occur through Paypal because as a multinational multimillion business, being affiliated with a fraudulent business would seriously damage its reputation.

You do not need to take our word for it! Conduct your own research about Paypal if you want and you will realize that any payment made through Paypal is very secure and Paypal makes sure that every promise made will be kept!

And rest assured that we do keep our promises! After all, you can always contact us before you order and ask all the questions you might have.