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Syringomas peels for home use

Syringoma removal using peels at home:

As we have seen TCA is the preferred peel option for Syringoma removal in cosmetic clinics alongside Lasers and electrodesiccation or electrofulguration equipment. The main reason for preferring these methods is generally the excellent results of these cosmetic procedures within one session. However when it comes to Syringoma Removal at home the game changes because it is possible to apply the peel at regular intervals until complete removal, there is no rush after all. Therefore milder peels like Glycolic or Mandelic acid allow removal in stages.

Why Use Peels at Home ?

The main problem associated with Syringoma removal in cosmetic clinics is that only are they expensive but Syringoma recurrence dictates that in some cases these cosmetic treatments should be repeated periodically in order to maintain good cosmetic results by keeping the recurring Syringomas at bay. Because as we have seen, Syringomas, once removed can return and in some cases, they seem to turn into a chronic condition (what we mean here is that no matter how they are treated Syringomas may keep recurring after removal). Therefore the option of a home removal cosmetic treatment is very convenient, especially for those who have tried Lasers, TCA and other treatments having experienced subsequent recurrence problem.

The best cosmetic peel solution we have found for home Syringoma removal is the use of Glycolic and Mandelic acid in a gel formulation. We have moved away from the option of using TCA because although very effective TCA is not very easy to control. In other words, it is not easy to control the chemical ablative effects of TCA without some form of training. This does not take away the safety of TCA of course.

Additionally, TCA is a very strong chemical peel and as a consequence of its application swelling often occurs one or two days after use. The swelling normally subsides three to four days after the application. However swelling is not a pleasant experience to have at home, and who are people unfamiliar with its effects can easily become worried. Also, TCA causes more hypopigmentation on type 5 and 6 skin types (dark Skintype).

For home use, other peels are preferred (i.e. Mandelic, Pyruvic and Glycolic Acid) this is because the ablating effects of these peels can be stopped by simply wiping the gel off and rinsing with water, this has been corroborated not only by scientific studies but also by our own experience with these types of peels. For this reason, their cosmetic ablation effects are easily controllable and therefore deemed more suitable for home removal. Moreover swelling does not always occur after the use of these types of cosmetic peels and therefore this is a huge advantage versus TCA for home use.

The product we use in the SyrinRemover is a thick gel formulation for two main reasons:

  • Avoid drips formation during the application, which always comes in handy when removing lesions
  • Also a gel formulation allows lower peel concentrations to have similar effects of much stronger solutions.
  • Both Mandelic and Glycolic acids are very stable and therefore last long (minimum 12 months shelf life) in a gel-like formulation. TCA does not last long in a gel formulation (usually a maximum of 6 months from production).


The concentration of these peels for home use should be between

  • 70% and 95% for Glycolic acid gel, plus milding ingredients
  • 75% and 100% if mandelic acid is used, plus milding ingredients
  • Pyruvic acid 50% to 80% concentrations, plus milding ingredients

If the concentrations are too low the ablation effects will be too mild a the product user will quickly become frustrated at the lack of results. On the other hand, if the concentration of these peels is too high (and without milding ingredients), the formulation could result too aggressive, this could result in excessive swelling, over ablation which could subsequently result in scarring is used recklessly.
The fact that the peel is formulated in a thick gel consistency also adds the advantage that the active peel (Mandelic, Pyruvic, or Glycolic acid) remains effective over time. Remember that the home formulation should be applied in two to three weeks intervals because every time the gel is applied the area should be left to recover before reapplying.

To summarise:

The disadvantage of using milder formulations at home is that multiple applications may be required to achieve the desired effects. However milder peels used at home present the added advantage that they can be used in complete comfort at home.

After care

The aftercare is minimal after this type of procedure. Although the risks of infections are very low after a  superficial cosmetic procedure it is advisable to instruct the client to apply the appropriate antiseptic (cream) twice a day. This will drastically reduce even further the risks of mild infections. In order to reduce the risks of hyperpigmentation sunscreen must be worn daily for at least 3 months after the last treatment.

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