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Before the introduction of the SyrinRemover into the market, Syringoma Removal was possible with lasers, radiosurgery equipment, the hyfrecator etc, but all these treatments were still too expensive. Therefore Areton created a specialized cosmetic peel for Syringoma removal. This was done to make Syringoma Removal truly affordable and SAFE to every Syringoma sufferer in the world.

Despite the fact that Syringoma Removal was possible by using and other equipment, Areton invested in the SyrinRemover because the Company recognized the tremendous added value of this cosmetic product. After all, before the introduction of this custom made peel, the only options available to Syringoma sufferers were surgical excision, laser removal, concealment using makeup or specialized peels only in specialized and expensive clinics.

Additionally, treatments in clinics were expensive because they could only be safely carried out by using expensive cosmetic equipment operated by experienced dermatologists.

The unique formulations, the ingredients quality and the gel-like consistency of the SyrinRemover has made Removing Syringoma very easy and most of all safe. Therefore not only has this solution allowed successful treatment of Syringomas at home, but it has also reduced the costs of Syringoma removal in the clinics where it is used. This is because thanks to the SyrinRemover, Syringoma removal can be also safely carried out by clinicians and not only dermatologists as previously required.