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Syringomas Don’t Discriminate

If you have Syringomas do not think you are alone!

Syringoma is a colour blind benign skin condition, what it is meant here, is that Syringomas affect any skin types, Caucasians, Asians, Indians Black etc. Therefore syringomas do not discriminate about race! On the other hand, it does not discriminate about age either because people normally develop Syringomas during their puberty and Syringomas will be there to stay unless you have them removed.

In the picture above a Caucasian with the typical clustered periorbital Syringomas on the right lower eyelid. These lesions are easily removed in one session with Laser od electrofulguration.

Periorbital Syringoma in Caucasian

Periorbital Syringoma in Caucasian

In this picture it is possible to appreciate how the syringoma can spead to the whole periorbital region. These are lesions that can be difficult to disguise wth makeup because they are raised.

Periorbital Syringoma in middleaged Caucasian

Periorbital Syringoma in midleaged Caucasian

As we can see even when the periorbital syringoma are quite shallow and can be difficult to conceal with makeup.

Periorbital Syringomas on Asian Skintype

Periorbital Syringomas on Asian Skintype

What Should I do?

Good News, Even once you deal Syringoma don’t worry about it. Thankfully, we have structured our Syringomaremoval expulsion cream explicitly to remove your Syringoma.