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Using Peels in Clinics

 Video Script:

When it comes to specialized peels, the preferred option for syringoma removal in cosmetic clinics is TCA. The main reason is that TCA allows easy removal of  Syringomas usually within one or two sittings. This makes this product very successful within cosmetic clinics, because the client can see the results soon after the first session and the results are achieved within a relatively short timeframe. However TCA is not very easy to control, and compared to other types of cosmetic peels, it could be too aggressive on certain skin types and more prone to cause, hypo or hyperpigmentation than other types of peels. Therefore it may not be the best option for home use given that there are milder peels available on the market which are easier to control.


Usually the main choice for Syringoma removal in cosmetic clinics is the use of TCA based peels. This is because if used properly and at the right concetration TCA allows removal of the Syringomas in one or two sessions only. This is ideal to both cosmetic clinics as well as the cutomers because this allows to achieve the best possible results within one session. However if the concentration is too high or the application of the TCA is not done approproiately there cosmetic prcedure could result in mild scarring (very rare occurrence). On the other hand the if the concetration of TCA is too low the results will not be apparent and the client will not be satisfied.
So, by using the right concentration of TCA it is possible to remove the Syringomas in a one or two sesions. TCA is the best choice in cosmetic clinics because results are achieved and appreciable in a short time frame and few sessions. This makes both the client wanting to remove their Syringomas and the Beauty therapist usually very satisfied. The client is happy because their problem is resolved and the beauty therapist has justification to invoice the happy customer.

TCA drawbacks


However the use of TCA requires a certain experince in order to achieve good results. This is because TCA is very effective but not as easy to control and for this reason sometimes neutralizers need to be used during the cosmetic procedure. The main reason for the sort of difficulty of control of TCA is that it is not as easy to neutralise by using water as alternative Glycolic and Mandelic Acid.

Skin types



Dark skin types (type 5 and 6)  do not seem to respond as well to TCA because Hypopigmentation develop quite easily after the use of strong TCA peels. Also skin type 1 is generally quite sensitive to TCA meaning that lower strengths of TCA concentrations may be required for Syringoma removal and therefore Syringoma removal may not be achievable within one to two sessions.

Also TCA there are other two issues with the use of TCA peels for syringoma removal:

  1. It causes a burning/stinging sensation during its applications (normally bearable).
  2.  Swelling tend to develop on the area where TCA was applied, thisgenerally occurs one or two days after the application.

Therefore TCA is the best candidate for Syringoma removal in cosmetic clinics around the world for Syringoma removal as well as removal of many other benign skin lesions because it is very effective in the removal of lesions in general, however given that there are other peels types which can be used without the need to learn about the drawbacks and slight degree of complexity associated to the use of TCA for benign skin lesion removal.


Watch the effects of TCA for Syringoma Removal being used in a reputable cosmetic clinic. As you can see the effects are similar to some of the products you can buy online. Although it is not mentioned in the video we believe the active ingrediant ised is either TCA or BCA due to the withening of the area were the product had been applied. Also the mild swelling and well as the dark scabs suggest the use of this type of peels. Click here to watch their very good results in their clinic’s website.

Watch this other video below of Specialized peels used in a cosmetic Clinic, you will see the classic whitening where the peel has been applied suggestiong the use of TCA or BCA.

Another wideo where probably TCA was used for both Syringoma and mole removal.