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Syringoma Removal using peels

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One of the options for syringoma removal is the use of peels. Cosmetic peels are a very good option because not only are they very effective but also easily available on the market and they are not classed as medicines. In order to remove Syringomas within a useful timeframe and few number of sessions, usually the concentrations used start from 40% and above. The concentrations used vary according to the type of peels used(i.e. whether it is TCA, Glycolic Acid, Mandelic Acid , Pyruvic Acid etc) ,and whether the formualtion comes in a gel or fluid solution.


How are syringomas removed by using peels?

When using peels for Syringoma removal, we are applying a chemical ablation. One difference betweewn a chemical ablation and the ablation by vaporization (ie Electrofulguration or Laser removal) is that the real effects of the chemical ablation are not immediate and kick in a couple of days after the application of the peel. Therefore with chemical ablation, the ablative effects on the Syringomas are similar to those of Lasers or other cosmetic equipment, and for this reason the results are similar.

However, often cosmetic clinincs promote Lasers or Electrofulguaration equipment as the best option for syringoma removal. The real reasons are twofold:

  • the higher perceived value associated to laser treatments and other cosmetic equipment in general
  • and the Syringomas can be removed in one session by using Lasers

However the use of peels for Syringoma removal present their advantages over the use of Cosmetic Lasers and other equipment.

What are the advantages of using peels versus  Electrofulguration and Laser Removal?

Laser and Electrofulguration removal are the preferred option in cosmetic clinics for Syringoma removal because they allow quick removal, as usually one session only will suffice to level off the syringomas and achieve the desired results. Also the perceived added value of cosmetic procedures carried out by using cosmetic lasers dictate high prices and are quite profitable to the clinics. However are these high prices really worth it, compared to the use of specialized peels for Syringoma removal? Lets look at the advantages of specialized peels versus Cosmetic Lasers.

Those advantages are:

  1. Less likelidood of scarring, because the outcome of the cosmetic treatment is less dependent on the beautician’s ability in using cosmetic equipment, as it is in the case of lasers and elctrofulguration equipment. After all, when using cosmetic lasers or electroofulguration equipment the results are more dependant on the user.
  2. No need for anaesthetics, because the treatment is virtually pain free. Some buring sensation may be experianced at the beginning of the treatment, however this will subside within five minutes ans it is bareble for most people. (depending on the type of peel use the burning or stinging sensation can last longer)
  3. Treatment by using peels is generally more cost effective because cosmetic peels are easily available on the market  and generally they are not heavily regulated. This means that even if Syrinogmas will recur at a later stage they can be removed again safely and inexpensively by using specialized peels for syringoma removal.
  4. By using certain formulations syringoma removal can be even done safely at home in multiple sessions.


What are the disadvantages of using peels?

Leaving the problem of Syringoma recurrence aside, the main disadvantage of using specialized cosmetic peels for syringoma removal is that it is not often possible to achieve the same results possible with the use of cosmetic lasers or electrofulguation equipment within one session.  By using specialized peels, more than one session may be required in order to achieve similar cosmetic results which can be achieved with lasers in one session only. The need to split the treatment into various sessions can be seen as a disadvantage from the cosmetic clinic’s point of view, and this is the reason for TCA being the preferred option in cosmetic clinics.


What types of peel can be used for syringoma removal?

Generally  the preferred option for syringoma removal are:

  • Bichloracetic acid (BCA) or Trichloracetic Acid (TCA). These are the preferred peels in beauty clinics  because they are are generally very effective and strong.  It is possible to remove Syringomas in one or two sessions only by using strong enough concentrations.
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Pyruvic Acid
  • Mandelic Acid

The last three options are milder alternatives and they are seldom used in cosmetic clinics because it is usually required more than one session to obtain good cosmetic results. However these types of peels are far less aggressive than TCA and hence therefore more suitable for home use. (Note that using certain concentrations incorretly, without certain milding ingedients and in fluid solutions could cause scarring if misused)