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Syringoma and electrofulguration

Electrofulguration or electrodessication are all synonims of similar methods used in cosmetic procedures.

Electrodessiccation is normally used for epilation, red veins removal and other applications. Electrofulguration is generally used in cosmetic procetures because of the high degree of accuracy in the ablation of the benign lesions. This higher degree of precision at low power levels (less than 2 watts) makes the cosmetic procedures extremelly effective.

Electrodessication and electrofulguration

Electrodessication and electrofulguration

In the picture above you can see the difference between Electrodessication on the left and Electrofulguration on the right. In electro dessication the equipment has a return pad and the tip of the electrode is applied onto the skin before the ablation takes place. Depending on the power and tip type used this technique can serve for permanent Epilation, red or blue veins coagulation, and coarse tissue ablation.



Electrofulguration normally occurs without the return pad. The spark (arc) will occur between the tip of the electrode and the skin. At seen in the picture above the advantage of the Electrofulguration is that the ablation is much more precise and superficial than electrodessication by using the return pad. For these reason electrofulguration is the preferred option for cosmetic/aesthetic treatments.

As shown in the video electricofulguration is very efffective in burning off the Syringoma. One of the main advantages of Electrofulguration is that all or most of the syringoma can be removed in one session. The cosmetic results are usually excellent if the beautician has taken care in levelling the syringoma off.
The success rate of the these procedures is very much dependent on the ability of the operator and the equipment used.
The equipment has to have the capabilities to operate at a very low power because the syringoma are not very thick and a powerful ablation could result in damage to the dermis and therefore permanet scarring.

The method to use to remove the syringoma by Electrodessiccation is very simple eand this involves simply ablating the lesions from the top and level itoff with the rest of the sorrounding skin.


Numbing Creams and Anaestetics

Electrofulguraion is usually uncomfortable to the client. In many cases the pain threshold does not allow to carry out the cosmetic  treatment without a  form of numbing or anaesthetic. In the cosmetic or beauty clinics the preferred options are topical anaesthics contaiing a 5% emulsion preparation, containing 2.5%  lidocaine/prilocaine respectively (i.e. numbing creams like Emla). These preparations are available without prescriptions from your local Chemists. These ready made premarations are normally used also by tattoo artits to numb the area before tattoing. Since tattoo artists are not medicaly qualified in every country there is usualy a mild topical anaesthetic available without prescription.

At dermatologists’ clinics usualy up to 20% concentrations are used in the topical anaesthetic creams. Normally local anaesthetic injections are not required for this simple procedure however some doctors who are accustomed to administer injectable lidocain can opt for local anaesthetic. The advantage of local anaestetic it the fact that the are will be numb within a few minutes following the injection.


After care

The after care is minimal after this type of procedure. Although the risks of infections are very low after a  superficial cosmetic procedure it is advisable to instruct the client to apply the appropriate antiseptic (cream) twice a day. This will drastically reduce even further  the risks of mild infections. In oder to reduce the risks of hyperpigmentation sun screen must be worn daily for at least 3 months after the last treatment.