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Syringoma and Recurrence

Syringoma Recurrence:

Syringomas can recur after removal. Therefore, when selecting your removal treatment, you should take into account the possibility of recurrence, because this can happen even when removal has been  carried out appropriately. In fact, even if the Syringomas have been levelled off properly by means of peels, lasers, electrofulguration etc. they can reappear a few months after the cosmetic treatment. According to a published study, the recurrence rate, measured two months after treatment, was nearly 15% of the total number of people who underwent removal with a CO2 cosmetic laser.  The recurrence rate is expected to increase 6 months to a year after removal.

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Recurrence is an issue in Syringoma Removal. Unfortunately one cannot be sure that once removed, the Syringomas will not reappear.

Looking at the causality of Syringoma, this appear to be familial [1, 2, 3,  4, 5]. Also Syringomas (both Periorbital and Eruptive) appear during puberty and they do not go away unless removed.  Syringoma Removal can be very frustrating due to the recurrence rate. The only study we could find shows that after 2 months from CO2 laser treatment (menaning removal by laser ablation) of periorbital syringoma, nearly 15% showed no improvement [6]. This means that despite the complete ablation of the syringomas two months later the syringomas returned in 15% of the total cases in the study [6].

This is the furthest in time the study goes into the investigation of Syringoma recurrence after removal treatment. It is assumed that the recurrence rate is even higher as time elapes over the 2 months’ time after removal in the study [6]. In other words if the recurrence rate was found to be 15% after to months this percentage rate could have increased after 6 months or one year. However we do not have access to the data of this study beyond the 2 months’ mark period.

Therefore there is no guaratee that after complete removal the Syringoma will not recur. For this reason most of those who undergo Syringoma removal will require to undergo further sessions as these unsightly lesions reappear.