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What are the options?

What are the options for syringoma removal?

The options for syringoma removal and treatment are:


This is a Technique performed by using a Scalpel.  This is the traditional method of removing syringomas but it is not generally in use nowadays because it is invasive and prone to cause scarring and infections.


Electrofulguration is one of the preferred methods for  Syringoma removal. By using this technique syringoma are removed safely by using a mild electrical arc.

Laser Removal

Lasers for Syringoma removal operate in a similar fashion as normal electric desiccation seen above for syringoma removal by superficial ablation.


Cryotherapy is generally used to remove both benign and non-benign lesions. Because it can be used to remove malignant lesions it is also referred to as cryosurgery.

Chemical Peels


The use of custom formulated peels is one of the best way fo treating and removing the syringoma. It is used in Clinics and the preferred peel option in clinics is the use of TCA…



Different peels to TCA should be used for home Syringoma removal. The ones for this applications can be Mandelic, Pyruvic, and Glycolic Acid…