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Terms and Conditions

Your Pictures.

Please read these terms carefully before sending us your pictures because these make integral part of our terms of business.

Unless you tell us otherwise it is assumed that you give us permission to publish your pictures on our website, however we will not use your real name unless you give us explicit permission. We will try and publish only the part of your pictures that display your Syringoma. This is done in an effort to protect your identity.
These pictures would serve for our studies and marketing, however unless you tell us otherwise we will NOT use your real name on our website and the publication will only be on our website. You send us your pictures for free and it is not your intention to send us pictures for any monetary compensation at any point in time. Any picture sent to us will automatically become Property of the company managing the website. No compensation will be awarded for any of the pictures published.

If you would like to still send us your pictures but you prefer not to have them published please include “Not for Publishing” in the text of the email.