SyrinRemover without Moneyback Guarantee

SyrinRemover without Moneyback Guarantee


After placing your order with us, email us as many clear pictures of your Syringoma as possible. In this way we will be more confident we are providing you with the right solution for your problem.

In the unlikely case we believe it may be too difficult to completely remove your Syringoma by using any Specialized Peel formulation, we will issue a full refund. We will explain why we have reverted your order!

Dispatch Within 5 Working days from received order.

Delivery: Within 5 to 10 Working days after Dispatch 

If we have the right formulation ready in stock we will post it to you right-away. If your right formulation is not in stock we are usually able to make and post your Customized SyrinRemover within 10 working days.

Once you receive the SyrinRemover just apply it as directed. After a few sessions your Syringomas will have gone.

Please upload your latest pictures. Please remember that we need to see the syringoma clearly, as well as your skin type. The images must include your full face from which we can distinguish the syringoma removal.  Click Here.

This price will cover one formulation onlyFor more information please contact us.